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The refreshing Sauvignon Blanc grape is perfectly at home in South Africa. The diverse growing regions make for wines that can be nice and grassy with plenty of grapefruit and green apple skins.

While the quality is high, the price is still low. South African Sauvignon Blanc offers you an excellent alternative to the considerably more expensive counterparts from New Zealand.

South Africa was said to be producing some of the finest wines in the world in the 1700s, though some years later phylloxera wiped out most of the vines, and in the 20th century Apartheid significantly set back wine production.

South Africa’s stock in the world of wine is climbing rapidly. In the 80s and 90s they were well known for producing bottom shelf swill, but things have changed and the smart money is on the country becoming one of the next massive fine wine producing regions.

When it comes to pairing, seafood always works fabulously with Sauvignon Blanc. You can also work some asparagus, cilantro or thyme into the mix as they will work wonderfully with the grassier elements of the wine.