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750ml Irish Blended Whiskey

Nose: Rich aromas of butterscotch and caramel, accompanied by fruity nuances, gentle spice, and fine oak notes.

Palate: Full-bodied flavour with a smooth texture. Sweet toffee and vanilla notes combined with fruity dried fruit flavours are accompanied by a light peppery spiciness that gives it a mysterious depth.
Finish: Long-lasting and soft, it lingers for a long time and takes you on a journey through times and worlds.

King Finvara is the ruler of the enchanted Kingdom of Daoine Sidhe and heir to the Luminor throne.

‍As a master of shapeshifting, Finvara can shift into any form desired. His favorite form is that of an elk. He uses this ability to roam freely between his kingdom and the human world which his people call the mortal lands.

Known as the protector of the realm, Finvara goes on many quests and ensures the safety of his kingdom and its people.