Elector 12 Years Old


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750ml Irish Single Grain Whiskey

Nose: Sweet, clean – a mature, rounded nose an indication of the taste to come.

Palate: Complex, interesting malt elements and a “roundness” from the addition of Sherry Wood.

Finish: Long finish – flavours will linger on the palate. The quality of the components shines through and will be appreciated by the discerning drinker.

A whiskey steeped in the legacy of a story lost to history. The Electors were seven princes of the Holy Roman Empire who had the power to pick the Emperor. They represent the power that shaped the history of an empire that stood for over 1,000 years.

This whiskey is one of their best-kept secrets, a recipe passed down through generations from cellarmaster to apprentice and reserved for those special moments when the Electors would meet.