Dunville’s Three Crowns Sherry Finish


NOSE: Gentle, floral, sweet and juicy. Orchard fruits intertwined with nutty caramel, and nougat, all the while with wonderful butterscotch overtones.
PALATE: The initial malt sweetness gives way to light citrus fruits, orange, lemon, green apples, pepper and clove. Spicey wood and lovely oak tannins begin to firm this whiskey up before the sherry influence from the oloroso casks come in.
FINISH: This is a vibrant, juicy blend, with a lot more going on than one might expect. Those orchard fruits and caramels give way as subtle notes of walnut, nougat, vanilla, and dried fruits come through in the soft lingering finish.

ABV: 43.5%

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750ml Irish Blended Whiskey