Waterford Cooladine 1.1 Single Farm Origin


The land farmed by brothers William and Pat Doyle at Cooladine – Cuil an Daingin, corner fort – in County Wexford stands close to old Quaker burial grounds west of the River Slaney, beyond the historic barley town of Enniscorthy. These free-draining, fertile fields derived from the famously productive Clonroche soils are composed of shingle to clay-rich marl, which mostly stems from the Ordovician shale bedrock.

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Nose: Malted biscuitsrhubarb tarttoffeealmondsaniseedwhite mustardgrass drying into haymarshmallowscoffee creamred apples, and red grapes

Palate: Cloves, sweets, apples, black pepper, gingernut biscuitscrème Bruleelicoricebarley sweets, dried basil, and sherry trifle

Finish: A spicy oiliness that tingles on the tongueand lingers into a dry gentle sweetness.

ABV: 50%

Size: 750ml