Belgian Owl Identite


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Belgian Owl 3 Years is a fantastic young whisky, made in Belgium.

This whisky is produced with malted barley, which has been sustainably grown at Fair Trade farms.

Nose: without any doubt, the key words here are freshness, finesse and precision. The delicate tones of roasted oak and toffee melt into the fruity signature of Belgian Owl: conference pear, nutmeg, crystallised angelica and apple jam. When the whisky further opens up in your glass, you’ll discover the aroma of vanilla pudding and flambeed banana.

Palate: surprising thanks to the perfect balance of different aromas that the nose already brought to light and that develop further in the mouth: Spanish honey, vanilla and coconut ice cream, candied ginger, apples fried in butter and plum tart.

Finish: a long finish that returns from the flavours in the mouth to the pleasant taste of the malt distillate, leaving a fruity echo of the Hesbaye region as its legacy.