Royal Salute 38 Years Old Stone of Destiny


Made from a rare selection of whiskies aged for 38 years or more, Royal Salute 38 Year Old is the pinnacle of Scotch whisky.The Stone of Destiny is the most powerful symbol of Scottish royalty. At every coronation, since time immemorial it has been placed beneath the royal throne as a symbol of power and influence and a confirmation of every monarch’s right to his or her regal position. With a very limited quantity released every year, Royal Salute Stone of Destiny drives luxury and prestige.

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Soft fruit, butterscotch and walnut loaf. Hints of dried figs and muscovado sugar.


Raisins and malt. Hints of pipe tobacco, dark chocolate, apple peel and allspice.


Spiced, malty finish with hints of sherry on the tail.

Size: 750ml