Nirvana Single Malt Whisky


NOSE: An attractive honeycombed bourbon with luscious fruitcake, with a light whiff of enticing caramel pudding.

PALATE: A delightful soft honey with slight salt-edged barley; an excellent mouthfeel with honeycomb sweetness.

FINISH: Immensely long, and richly flavoured with dissolving honey, barley, and succulent vanilla.

BALANCE: A joyous barley plays intricately with high-quality oak, that offers a dash of true Goan pleasure!

ABV: 43%

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A captivating expression from the Goan shores of India, the Nirvana arouses the senses with a soft whiff of bourbon, fruitcake and an enticing caramel pudding. The honeycomb sweetness gently touches the palate with a mild salt-tinged barley while the succulent vanilla heralds the honeyed finish of this rich copper whisky, assuring sublime experiences beyond the worldly realm.

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