New Grove 2009 Limousine Oak


Colour:  Shiny, amberoily.

Profile:  Fresh and fruity.

Nose:  Exotic fruitslitchi and mango, slightly spicywhite pepperSubtle, delicate and attractive fruit notes.

Palate:  Litchi and sweet spices.

Finish:  Mellowsmoothwellbalanced, long mouthfeel – delicate and enjoyable

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750ml Rum

A very traditional old-style rum, this single-estate rum from New Grove is molasses-based and 100% natural, with no chill filtering, no additives, no sugar, and no colourant. Distillation is at 94%, and it is aged at 65% volume until preselection. When this cask was originally selected, the distillery was asked to bottle the cask at 48% ABV. They accommodated the request, however, the bottling of the cask fell through. The rum already reduced to 48% was then immediately placed back in the cask in October 2019. NWW selected this cask in December 2020, it had exceptional fruity notes, a superb mouthfeel, and balance! An opportunity not to be missed, a true gem from New Grove!