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Musgrave Vanilla Copper is crafted to be the “Bourbon” of Brandy.

Musgrave Copper -By Definition : Noun : “Kop-Pah”

A new genre that remixes the brandy category to play where cognac has feared to tread. Copper is luxurious, disruptive, infused and made to mix. It’s a flavour-infused brandy with subtle flavours and a distinctly African palate. Musgrave Copper is more aligned to the cognac drinker than to a traditional brandy drinker using the finest pot still brandy with the added excitement of flavour-infusion.

Musgrave Copper provides a lifestyle statement. It attracts tribe drinkers who exist beyond the preconceptions of their gender, age, or race, they seek out the new, they are daring and progressive.

Double distilled in copper pot stills and matured for 3 years in oak barrels, smaller than 340 L. The oak barrels were selected based on age to ensure a very light coloured product with a limited oak contribution. The blend was infused with natural vanilla to yield a product with creamy vanilla and tangerine notes on the nose. It has a very delicate palate (velvety soft) and the promise of creamy vanilla carries through from the nose to the pallet where it lingers with soft subtle hints of figs and dried fruit.

Copper is a Pot Still brandy that behaves like a Cognac and drinks like a Whisky. A new way to engage the senses, our flavour-infused Musgrave Vanilla Copper is made to mix. An easy-drinking brandy, infused with gentle vanilla that lends a nostalgic warm flavour. Think of Musgrave Vanilla Copper as a beautiful neutral canvas onto which more flavour and aroma can be painted.

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