Mars Maltage Cosmo


Mars Maltage Cosmo is a blended malt featuring whisky from the little-known Japanese distillery Shinshu, as well as whiskies from undisclosed Scottish distilleries. An intriguing expression. Founded in 1985 in the heart of the Japanese Alps, which after having been asleep for several years, resumed its malt distillation activity in 2011. Its name “Cosmo” refers to a peak located within mountains surrounding the distillery.

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Nose: Rich, thick and malty. Dates, figs, Turkish sweet tea, syrup-soaked and pistachio topped Baklava, and a sweet floral high note that might be orange blossom.

Palate: Aniseed balls and citrus Turkish delight chased down by cigar ash, leather, and dark chocolate. Decent, coating mouthfeel, but a large and uneventful gap between the impact of the initial flavours and the tail, which surprisingly reappeared with ginger and anise a little while after I was done waiting for something else to happen.
Finish: Charred fennel and cloves with orange slices