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Snow Grouse (room temp) – review

Color: chamomile tea.

On the nose: Very hot and peppery. There are very light scents of dried apricots, apples, vanilla, honey and mandarin oranges.

In the mouth: Still peppery but a lot lighter and the ethanol is not as hot. This is very fruity and floral. This gives off a lot of light tastes of apricots, apples, honey, cantaloupe, vanilla, toffee, peaches and caramel.

Snow Grouse (from the freezer) – review

Color: apple juice.

On the nose: Almost completely neutral. There are very light scents of apples, toasted persimmon, dried apricots and lychee.

In the mouth: This isn’t that different from when it was at room temp. The strength at which the flavors come at you are still the same. What I tasted are almost exactly the same. Lots of light apricots, peaches, toffee, honey, vanilla, cinnamon, caramel and persimmon.