Bloody Joseph



50ml Peated Whisky

25ml Freshly Squeezed Lime

200ml Mary Mix

Celery Stalk

Smoked Paprika Celery Salt and Pepper mix



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Our version of the variation of a Bloody Mary simply substituting vodka for a Peaty Whisky (Scarabus is our favorite)


Rim glass with a celery salt paprika and pepper mix

Fill Boston Shaker With Ice

Then add all ingredients and Roll till well chilled

Fill rimmed glass with ice and fill,

Garnish with celery stalk


1 kg Ripe Cherry Tomatoes

1 Red Pepper

200ml Sherry

100g Sugar

100ml Water

2 x Red Chillies

2 Table Spoons Horse Raddish

50ml Worcester Sauce

Deseed Red pepper and Chillies

Add all ingredients to a Pan and bring to a boil breaking down the tomatoes and peppers

Simmer for 45 Minutes strain off and refrigerate